Nutritional Genomics Institute

The Nutritional Genomics Institute empowers patients with the deepest knowledge of their own biology to combat pain and disease with a hyper-personalized approach to healing.

NGI is the Future of Personalized Medical Nutrition

The Nutritional Genomics Institute was born out of an idea from acclaimed specialist Dr. Christy Williamson:

What if we could bridge the gap between alternative and modern medicine with a revolutionized approach to personalized nutrition?

Dr. Christy Williamson’s Nutritional Genomics Institute (NGI) and its innovative OmicsDx Genome Panels stand on the fact that medicine and nutrition are truly personal — and prove that alternative & modern medicines can work synergistically for the best results. As such, each provider at NGI combines the standard approach of medicine using blood chemistry and symptomolgy with a highly advanced functional medicine twist. Using the most advanced technology and evidence based practices, NGI incorporates biochemical nuances within the genome, epigenome, metabolome, and microbiome into every patients treatment.

NGI is changing lives with personal genome analysis and is at the forefront of emerging health technology and medicine.

Personalized Nutrition was once considered the science of the future, but is now here for the taking. Concepts such as testing metabolites (Metabolomics) and checking for adverse interactions between prescription drugs, foods, lifestyles, and genes can now be part of everyday care. With cutting edge technology and evidence based therapies, NGI is changing the way we understand how our genetics, nutrition, environment, and experiences work together to affect our health.

The NGI Team

Our CEO, Dr. Christy Williamson DCN, CNS, MS

  Christy is a master of the biochemical and nutritional sciences, is known as the creator of the new way to practice Nutritional Genomics, and is changing the way medicine is practiced. As a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, she applies metabolomics to genomics in ways that science and technology have never seen before. With 15 years of experience in the field, she has become known as one that solves the unsolvable and treats the untreatable, offering hope to many with complicated conditions and those who seek longevity alike. As an educator, her work has also inspired the practice of many healers and medical professionals worldwide and continues to expand her reach via the online platform SNPed. As the CEO of NGI, she manages the care and provisions of all her staff and their clients, ensuring the highest quality services are offered throughout. Overall, her systems medicine approach encompasses both cutting edge genomic technology and functional testing offering the highest level of metabolic evaluation and lights a path for lifelong healing and wellness.

Michelle Gottfried CNS, MS

Lead Genomic Nutritionist

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist Michelle creates personalized nutrition plans for a wide variety of conditions. She is an expert at incorporating labwork, medical history, and nutritional genomics to approach her clients unique individual needs. She feels this is the missing link between poor food or lifestyle choices and a truly personalized diet and lifestyle plan for optimal health. As a former marathon athlete, she has core speciality in sports nutrition and performance and enjoys helping athletes discover new ways to beat competition. Overall, she encourages her clients to understand their potential and "why they are the way they are," to then become the best version of themselves.

Laura Kelly CNS, LDN, MS

Genomic Nutritionist

As an experienced Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Laura practices highly advanced functional testing and nutrigenomics with her clients. With this combination she provides highly personalized plans for healing and health optimization. She has a core focus on microbiome, autoimmunity, hormone imbalance, allergies and cardiometabolic issues but also provides nutrition therapy for a broad range of health conditions. Overall, She empowers clients by helping them understand their unique biochemistry and how they can take control of their health naturally and sustainably through diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Lisa Fouladi 

MS, dip ion FDSC,



As an experienced functional nutritionist living in Switzerland, Lisa helps manage NGI's European presence. She helps clients break free of low energy, chronic pain, and other long-term health issues so they can return to vibrant health and enjoy the freedom it provides. Lisa's approach is unique and science-based, integrating the disciplines of clinical nutrition, integrative and functional testing, and genomics to uncover the root causes and systemic imbalances within her clients health. With coaching she provides the support they need to implement on her personalized programs. 

Robyn Witt

 Office Manager

Robyn brings to our practice over 20 years of experience in the customer service field. She enjoys learning new ways to put her organizational skills to work to create smoother processes for a better workflow. Robyn has an eye for detail and is a natural problem solver; she utilizes these skills to ensure that patients have the best care possible. She enjoys working with a team and believes that everyone brings something special to the table, bringing balance and creative energy to the workplace. 


~ Dr. Chrissie Williamson

Client Testimonials

I had always struggled with multiple health issues from early childhood and found life in general, very challenging. When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis and missed 3 months of school. When I was 16, I developed an eating disorder and found solace in a hair pulling disorder. Whenever I was vaccinated, my body would ache from head to toe. My frequent childhood stomachaches were dismissed as “ a nervous stomach”. My lifetime of undiagnosed depression and anxiety was masked by competitive sports and rigorous academic achievements. My half-empty glass was periodically filled with vacations, beautiful pieces of jewelry and a very kind, patient, loving and positive husband. 

At age 40, my body was wracked with pain and I had countless food sensitivities. Conventional medicine did not provide me with a viable solution since my body had a negative reaction to most medications. I always prayed that God would heal me. He did. Not overnight. Forty-five years later.

Six months ago, I had my first appointment with Dr. Chrissie Williamson, a biochemist, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, owner and CEO of the Nutritional Genomics Institute (NGI). Her practice is unique, effective, and personal. “Biochemical Individuality” is her modus operandi. Dr. Williamson is a non-pareil clinician. She blends functional testing with genetics and nutrition. Her knowledge and expertise in biochemistry and nutrigenomics is unrivaled. Her wisdom and ability to discern and determine the nutritional genomic solution for ALL my health issues is truly unprecedented and has been life changing.

Today, I wake up happy and pain-free; I feel joy and I delight in every new day. Being on top of the world is an entirely new experience.

Thank, you Dr. Williamson, for making my wellness a reality.

Miracles really do happen!

~Patricia, ND

I went to Michelle because I was tired of hearing doctors say "get the weight off, "stretch and do yoga" and never really addressing the problem. I was suffering from chronic joint pain, excessive weight gain, and was not feeling well overall.

When I talked to Michelle, she went over my symptoms and decided to ordered some labs. Then after my blood work she provided me with a good comprehensive plan that I felt I could easily follow.

In fact, I was almost in tears when she said she could help me with some changes to my diet.

She was the only person that was finally acknowledging my pain and worked with me on a solution. Seeing my blood work in a visually colorful comprehensive chart, and Michelle giving me a simple explanation of the results, made me actually feel like I can do this, stick to a plan, and see what happens!

I am now 8 weeks into a plan that was tailored just for me, I have less inflammation, I have seen improvement in my skin and sleep patterns, and I am down 20lbs with some more still to go. It is a lifestyle that I can totally live with! I have had so many people comment on the way I look since doing this and so many asking for Michelle's number. 

I would have known that the foods I thought were good for me were actually causing me pain.

So glad I took the leap of faith with Michelle!


Thank you!!