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Fitness and Wellness

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Fitness and Exercise

Fitness is more than just exercising every day. It's how you exercise that makes all the difference. With our personalized fitness programs learn how to balance cardio, strength training, and flexibility for optimal health and safety. 

Stress Management

Stress is a huge barrier to optimal health and keep many of us stuck. Learn how to build resilience and keep your limiting thoughts and emotional triggers in check.

Sleep Hygiene

The way we wind down at the end of the day can drastically impact our sleep quality and recovery. With our sleep hygiene program, learn how to optimize your routine for the most restful sleep!

Personalized with Your Genes

Genes can tell us a lot about how your body responds to stress, sleep changes, or various forms of exercise. Upgrade your plan with a gene panel to get hyper-personalized recommendations and support.

Watch this video to learn about our Wellness Platform

Fitness and Wellness Services

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you.

Fitness and Wellness Initial Consult


Flat Rate

Every new patient must start with an initial consult

​1 hour session

Detailed review of current fitness and lifestyle behaviors

 Goal setting and planning

Review of exercise and lifestyle programs


Fitness and Wellness Genomics Upgrade


$525 total

Price is for an upgraded initial consult

Includes everything in the Fitness and Wellness Initial Consult plus:

1 Mini SportDx Panel

Review of gene panel interpretation

Program created based on your genes 


Fitness and Wellness Follow-Up


Per Session

Please see below for our multi session packages

30 min session

Review of measurements and data input

Check-in about progress and barriers

Recommended resources and tips for success