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MRT Testing

Curious About Food Sensitivities and Inflammation? 

In the MRT Package, you can meet with our nutrition team and discover if you have specific food "allergies" or sensitivities in addition to exploring your genetic predispositions with the MiniDietdx. 

This package includes an initial consult, the MRT test and analysis, the MiniDietdx document and 2 additional nutrition appointments to review and execute on the findings. 

Price: 4 payments of $325

*Genome kit not included

MRT® at a Glance

Quantifies the inflammatory response to food & food-chemicals
Accounts for clinical and subclinical inflammation
Accounts for the widest range of inflammatory pathways
Capable of measuring both innate and adaptive pathways
Clinically Relevant
Gives information no other blood test can give
Highest clinical utility
Identifies your patients best foods
93.6% split sample reproducibility
Awarded 3 US Patents
MRT: Canadian Patent No. 2,250,125
MRT: U.S. Patent No. 6,114,174
Ribbon Method of Cell Analysis: U.S. Patent No. 6,200,815

Michelle Gottfried, CNS and Laura Kelly, CNS  service the MRT tests at NGI.

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MRT Food Sensitivity Test

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