Service Prices

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you.

4-Session Intake Package


Per Month/3 months

Best Package Offer

Designed for patients with complicated medical histories

1 Environmental Anal​ysis

1​ Nutrition Analysis

1,​ 2 hour Initial Consult with  

Dr. Chrissie

​1 Nutreval Analysis; 

Does not include genome analysis


Initial Consult with Dr. Chrissie


1 time payment

Best for those without complicated medical histories

​2 hour session

Detailed review of family history, dietary habits and  environmental exposures

Analysis of previous labs

​Framework for plan of action; 

Does not include genome analysis


OmicsDx Panels


1 time payment

Epigenetically Validated Genome Panels

May be combined into a package

Personalized written documents

​May require additional testing for validation

Can be co​mbined in packages with the nutrition team or Dr. Chrissie

Wi​de variety of individualized panels

See panel options below


Annual Concierge Package 

What's Included?

2, 2 hour appointments with Dr. Chrissie that are scheduled 6 months apart. 

These appointments will include a Genova Nutreval, GI Map and comprehensive blood work. 

4 Nutrition appointments with our Certified Nutrition Specialist

4 Wellness Appointments with our Certified Personal Trainer

Access to the Optimal You Wellness Portal

Annual Access Fee is Included: Unlimited Email and cell phone access to team members in addition to portal access

Monthly fee:  $600


Additional Services: Nutrition Level

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you.

CNS Hourly Rate


Per Hour

Intake or Follow up

1-2 ​hour  sessions

Cert​ified Nutrition Specialists have trained with Dr. Chrissie and are nationally certified nutrition specialists

Execute on root causes, genome pan​els and supplement interventions 

Can be referred to any other practitioner within the practice at anytime

*Intake is 3 hours of billable time or $525


NRT Hourly Rate


Per Hour

Intake or Follow up

1- 2 hour  sessions

Work with our team members who are neural retraining specialists on your brain's ability to adapt and change 

Helps to "re-train" the limbic system

Ideal for patients who suffer from anxiety, medical PTSD or who are overwhelmed by the complexity of their condition.  May combine LoveTuning.


Health Coaching/ Certified Personal Training Rate


Per Hour

Intake or Follow up

​1 hour session

Work with our health coach who is also a CNS on adapting your behaviors for optimal wellness

Environmental, Sleep and Wellness support available 

Customized exercise plans available for: OptimalYouDx, SportDx, LeanDx


Curious About Food Sensitivities and Inflammation? 

In the MRT Package, you can meet with our nutrition team and discover if you have specific food "allergies" or sensitivities in addition to exploring your genetic predispositions with the MiniDietdx. This package includes an initial consult, the MRT test and analysis, the MiniDietdx document and 2 additional nutrition appointments to review and execute on the findings. 

4 payments of $325. 

If you do not have a genome and would like to add this service to this package, the new cost is: 4 payments of $362.50 or a single additional payment of $150.

MRT® at a Glance

Quantifies the inflammatory response to food & food-chemicals
Accounts for clinical and subclinical inflammation
Accounts for the widest range of inflammatory pathways
Capable of measuring both innate and adaptive pathways

Clinically Relevant
Gives information no other blood test can give
Highest clinical utility
Identifies your patients best foods

93.6% split sample reproducibility
Awarded 3 US Patents
MRT: Canadian Patent No. 2,250,125
MRT: U.S. Patent No. 6,114,174
Ribbon Method of Cell Analysis: U.S. Patent No. 6,200,815

Michelle Gottfried, CNS and Laura Kelly, CNS  service the MRT tests at NGI.

 To schedule, please complete the new patient registration and schedule in our online scheduling portal.

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MRT Food Sensitivity Test

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Additional Services

Simplified Billing

Each Level of practice has a hourly rate. 

Dr. Chrissie Williamson $300

CNS/Nutritionists: $175

Health Coaching: $125

Neural Retraining: $150

Certified Personal Trainer: $80-100

OmicsDX Genome Panels

 Written Documents Only: Note - Many gene panels require additional testing, please contact us for more information or visit 

Prices are listed for NGI IN HOUSE (With an appointment)

* Prices are Omics/Panel only Prices

ImmuneDx: $500/*$600

Optimal Diet Panel: $500/*600

CardioDx: $500/*600

PharmaDx: $450/*550

GastroDx: $400/*500

MethylDx: $400/*500

EstroDx and TestroDNA: $375 (each)/*475

BreastDNA: $375/*475

ProstateDx: $375/*475

CannaDNA: $375/*475

MemoryDNA: $375/*475

OsteoDx: $375/*475

SportDx: $500/*$600

LeanDx: $500/*600

OptimalYouDx Panel: $500/*$600

MoodDNA: $375 - coming soon! 2020 

Mini Panels: $175 each  (Cardio, Methyl, Pharma, Memory, Estro, Testro;) Mini DietDx: $225

Mini Panels are gene analysis ONLY and do not require additional testing. These are limited to genes that have odds ratio studies (Nutrigenetics=disease risk prediction). These are a great way to introduce nutritional genomics into your healthcare plan. 

NGI services all OmicsDx Panels at the practitioner rate. 

Optimal Diet CNS Level Package: 5 appointments covering intake, testing review, Optimal Diet written document and review, meal plan, follow up and execution. 5 payments of $400

CNS level Mini Panel Series: Select 5 mini panels; 5 appointments; 5 payments of $400

Dr. Chrissie is available by appointment and referral only. 

**Most panels are licensable with separate licensing agreement. Please contact our office for more information.** 

Nutritional Genomics Concierge Package

 Analysis of genomic material through registered companies in the U.S. Processing time of 6-8 weeks. Previous lab work is required. Nutrigenomics is the process of identifying certain SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that are associated with increased risk of certain conditions and outcomes and actively intervening by altering ones’ diet and possibly adding very specific supplements. Detoxification profiles (pharmacogenomics) are included which help identify impaired SNPs that can lead to adverse drug reactions and build-up of environmental toxins. Methylation panels indicate a wide variety of conditions including impaired metabolism, depression, anxiety, cancer, autism spectrum disorders and cardiovascular disease. OmicsDx panels that are included in your "Guide to YOU!" include: Optimal DietDx, MethylDx, CardioDx and PharmaDx. This service includes a handbook to be presented to your physician with laboratory recommendations and 2, 1-hour follow up appointments. Initial consultation, biochemical evaluation with family history, processing of genetic material and 30-day access to the practitioner for questions including a 3-hour retainer are included. Cost of this package is $6000.

• Additional targeted disease panel investigations are $75 per panel.

• Billable hours outside of the retainer and any additional lab work is an additional fee. A $1000 down payment is required to secure service. 

Patient Advocacy: DCN Level

Initial Consult with Dr. Chrissie is required. This service includes a detailed explanation and overview of medical records, followed by recommendations and follow up questions for medical service providers. $300/hour.  Clients will be given detailed notes and resources. 

  • Attendance to 1 hour physician appointments is $575/ visit in the Richmond metro area only. 
  • Travel by request only; additional fees may apply
  • If you are not part of any other option, all hours are billable hours. 
  • Billable hours includes any and all medical or nutrition related correspondence including but not limited to phone calls, emails and appointments. 

Nutrition Focused: Family Consultation and Pantry Analysis: CNS Level

A detailed scientific explanation of exactly what is in the food you are eating! Includes cooking techniques, recipe ideas and continued education about changing landscape of health. CNS level: $275

Grocery Shopping Assistant: Health Coach Level

This service includes 1 hour of assistance navigating through the aisles, discussing what you would normally buy and giving direction to healthier alternatives. 48- hour notice is needed for stores that are not “home” stores (Grocery stores local to Richmond such as Ellwood Thompson’s). Health Coaching level: $175

24-Hour Cancellation Fee

 $100. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Practitioner Genome Package

 If you are a MD, CNS, DC or other practitioner who is interested in learning about nutritional genomics, Dr. Chrissie offers an intensive training program designed just for you! This is a 6 month program where you will use your own genomic information and metabolomics testing to explore how we epigenetically validate the genome while concurrently adjusting your own metabolic balance. The best way to learn is through personal exploration! To execute this package with Dr. Chrissie there are 6 equal payment of $550. If you would like to execute this package on the CNS level with the chief genomic nutritionist, Michelle Gottfried, the cost is $425/month for 6 months. 


These are bite sized nutritional genomic pearls! Every Friday at noon, one of our team members will go live on Facebook, IGTV and/or Youtube at noon each Friday with a new compact clinical pearl! 
Follow us on YouTube to watch our Genebites!

Optimal You!

This new panel is part of NGI’s new weight loss and wellness program:

The Optimal You-Designed for You!!!

It is a combination of 3 of our most popular panels: 

Optimal Diet



Come see how our new 12 week program can make a whole new you!


New Portal!

Please see the link at the top of the page. Please contact us if you have ANY questions!

NGI Projects

SNPed Update! SNPed is under major construction and is closed to the public as of June 2020. Please look for exciting updates in December of 2020!

OmicsDx Panels are now ready for purchase through NGI or directly at Omics! Keep at mind that we validate the genome at NGI and Omics - that is what makes us unique and more effective than any other genome analysis company on the market. The majority of Dr. Chrissie's OmicsDx panels do require additional testing. If you have any questions, please visit OmicsDx or contact us  and we will be happy to help!

Partnership Projects

We are working on many exciting external projects to help advance nutritional genomics, change the paradigm of medicine and bring precision nutrition to everyday care. Please ask the managing partner about specific projects.