Step 1: Before your initial appointment, our health coach will schedule a free 30-minute consultation to acquaint you with our NGI package options and to set up your patient portal.

After this, there are a few options. 

Option 1: Most patients begin with a 3-appointment assessment process. 

This process begins with a 1-hour appointment with our health coach who will assess environmental and emotional triggers. The health coach may offer first line of defense strategies that assist in the reduction of environmental exposures and guidance on mind-body techniques to help manage stress.

A second 1-hour appointment with our nutritionist will assess current dietary intake and gastrointestinal symptoms. This appointment will allow for an analysis of total caloric intake, vitamin and mineral status, possible dietary triggers, bowel function and overall wellness. These appointments are designed to obtain accurate health information to be relayed to the primary provider and are not designed to execute a complete health care plan.

The final, two-hour intake appointment will be with your primary provider (either Dr. Christy Williamson, MS, CNS, DCN or Dr. Jessica Pizano, MS, CNS, DCN) and will synthesize findings from the first two appointments, explore possible root causes of the illness, review laboratory findings and begin the framework for a plan of action. The total cost of this service is $700 divided over 2 equal monthly payments of $350/month.

Option 2: Initial Consultation with the primary practitioner of your choice ($450)

In this scenario, you will meet with your primary provider first, then she will decide after your initial consultation if you need to spend time with the health coach or nutritionist or if a package may be the best choice for you. These appointments are all at the billable hours rate. 

For pricing per specialist, please see below. 

Latest News

NGI is in process of launching our new NGI Dx panels. Please look for an update May 1, 2019. ​


Our team is growing! Please see the About page to learn more about us!


Don't worry! We still offer the same outstanding services; we are only simplifying the process. Please see below for details. 

NGI Projects

OmicsDx and SNPed are under re-construction for 2019! SNPed's new site will launch in February of 2019 and OmicsDx continues to develop! Please check back for more exciting updates! 

SNPed Update! We now have individual lectures for sale - please visit SNPed for more information. 

Partnership Projects

We are working on many exciting external projects to help advance nutritional genomics, change the paradigm of medicine and bring precision nutrition to everyday care. Please ask a managing partner about specific projects. 

All communication is subject to billable hours.

Additional Services

Simplified Billing

 Each Level of practice has an hourly rate. 

Dr. Christy Williamson and Dr. Jessica Pizano: $225/hour

All CNS appointments: $150/hour

All Neural Retraining appointments: $125/hour

All Health Coaching appointments: $100/hour 

Billable Hours:

Email communication that is longer than 15 minutes and reflects medical or nutrition care is subject to billable hours and is billed at the end of each calendar month. All other services are billed at the time of service. 

Genome Package

 In this package, there are 6 total appointments. In each appointment, there will be a detailed evaluation, explanation and written report of your genomic material followed by specific actions and interventions. Topics covered include pharmacogenetics, detoxification, mitochondrial function, Celiac risk, immune function, clotting factors/risk, autoimmune thyroid risk, nutrition focused and methylation. The total cost for this package is $2000. Payment plans are available such a 6 monthly payments of $333/month. This package is ideal for practitioners who are learning about nutritional genomics. 

Nutritional Genomics Concierge Package

 Analysis of genomic material through registered companies in the U.S. Processing time of 6-8 weeks. Previous lab work is required. Nutrigenomics is the process of identifying certain SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that are associated with increased risk of certain conditions and outcomes and actively intervening by altering ones’ diet and possibly adding very specific supplements. Detoxification profiles (pharmacogenomics) are included which help identify impaired SNPs that can lead to adverse drug reactions and build-up of environmental toxins. Methylation panels indicate a wide variety of conditions including impaired metabolism, depression, anxiety, cancer, autism spectrum disorders and cardiovascular disease. This service includes a handbook to be presented to your physician with laboratory recommendations and 2, 1-hour follow up appointments. Initial consultation, biochemical evaluation with family history, processing of genetic material and 30-day access to the practitioner for questions including a 3-hour retainer are included. Cost of this package is $3000.

• Additional targeted disease panel investigations are $75 per panel.

• Billable hours outside of the retainer and any additional lab work is an additional fee. A $500 down payment is required to secure service. Previous V3-V4, 23andme genomic tests are acceptable. Other relevant genetic testing will be assessed by the practitioner.

Patient Advocacy

Introduction the Practice Package is required. This service includes a detailed explanation and overview of medical records, followed by recommendations and follow up questions for medical service providers. $225/hour.  Clients will be given detailed notes and resources. (DCN level)

  • Attendance to 1 hour physician appointments is $350/ visit in the Richmond metro area only. 
  • If you are not part of any other option, all hours are billable hours. 
  • Billable hours includes any and all medical or nutrition related correspondence including but not limited to phone calls, emails and appointments. 

Nutrition Focused: Family Consultation and Pantry Analysis

A detailed scientific explanation of exactly what is in the food you are eating! Includes cooking techniques, recipe ideas and continued education about changing landscape of health. CNS level: $275

Grocery Shopping Assistant

This service includes 1 hour of assistance navigating through the aisles, discussing what you would normally buy and giving direction to healthier alternatives. 48- hour notice is needed for stores that are not “home” stores (Grocery stores local to Richmond such as Ellwood Thompson’s). Health Coaching level: $175

24-Hour Cancellation Fee

 $100. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment.